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We Must Be Mistaken, 2022 / 2023
4-channel installation, loop, 49:17:14 / single channel
we did not know whom we meant when we said we, 2021
two single channel video installation,
vinyl plotting & one stereo sound work
I Was the Reason You Are in the World, 2020
Nipples to the Ceiling, 2020
acrylics on wood
My Happiness Depends On You, 2021
performance/performance video
Eine Einstellung zum Reichtum/Richness in a Single Shot, 2021
video collection, ongoing project
The Crystal Palace Group, 2015
Der Undiplomat, 2019
acrylics on wood, digital print on paper & steel
Osterspaziergang von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 2018
Boy With Hang, 2021
solo performance
Untitled, 2018
Marker on Paper, 21x27.9
The New Vertical, 2018
Barbara Song, 2018
The Plural Temporality of the Notion of the Primitive, 2017
lecture performance
Four Belief Systems - Tent, Church Chair, Dialectic Globe, Synthesizer, 2019
Marker on Paper, 21x27.9
Überflüssige Krieger, 2019
projection & buttermilk on acrylic glass
Indoeuropean Greeting, 2017
Fake Landscape #2, 2021
acrylics and oil on wood, 120x85
After-Life, 2019
Marker on Paper, 21x29.7
Grey in Grey, 2017
Stardust Walkout, 2020
social sculpture/performance
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