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Osterspaziergang von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, NSK Folk Art Biennale, Trbovlje, 2018


After the performance "Osterspaziergang von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe" was first shown at the "Rundgang" of the Academy of Fine Art, Leipzig in 2018, I had the honour to show it again at the "NSK Folk Art Biennale" in Trbovlje, Slovenia. The performance took place on the legendary mount Kum.

Five performers stand in a circle/pentagram throwing a bright-green raw egg in a clockwise direction from person to person. Whenever an egg breaks, without delay, an AI generated voice recites the final line of Goethe's Osterspaziergang, Faust I: „Hier bin ich Mensch, hier darf ich's sein!“ (transl.: „Here I am Man, here dare it to be!”). Thereafter, a Faux Queen that is standing in the middle of the circle/pentagram on a plinth, dressed in a traditional German Dirndl and carrying a basket full of green eggs, throws a new egg to the person who dropped the previous one. The performance finishes when all eggs from the basket are broken.

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