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Barbara Song, Johanna i Thanatos, GlamSlam! 2, Cabaret Voltaire, Athens, 2018



I performed Brecht's “Barbara Song” (The Threepenny Opera) together with Athanasios Anagnostopoulos at GlamSlam! 2 at Cabaret Voltaire in Athens in 2018.


The song tells the story of a girl, who is approached by many decent guys (model son-in-law types), who have money and know how to treat women well but she rejects them and choses the worthless asshole instead. From a feminist perspective, I find this song very interesting as it unveils a self-contradiction regarding female desire in patriarchy: even though it would be logical for (feminist) women to prefer kind men, as a leftover from thousands of years of patriarchy, many women still seem to desire men, who are not all too kind.

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