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Eine Einstellung zum Reichtum/Richness in a Single Shot, Villa Esche, 2021
Foto: Alexander Meyer



Video Collection

Ongoing project


While, back in the days, the social status and economic success of a person/family was exhibited publicly in representative rooms, today, privacy seems to be more important. Wealth is not talked about. Wealth is, as it seems, a taboo. 

The artist invites participants from all over to look for a person in their social network, whose house/flat represents wealth the most in their view and ask them for film recordings from inside their place. The videos are filmed in a single shot and with mobile phones. So far, the growing collection comprises silent views into private properties from Berlin, Bogota, Bologna, Le Mans, London, Vilnius. 


Think of all people worldwide whose dwellings you know and with whom you are in contact. Which of those houses/flats represents richness the most in your view? What is the “richest” place you know? Film the inside of the house/flat with your phone camera, upright formate, for 1-2 minutes, in a single shot (the camera can be moving or static but the material should not be edited). You can either shoot the footage yourself or ask the owner of the place to film it according to the above-mentioned rules. Apart from those rules, you are completely free to decide what you show in the video. The short clips will become part of the artist’s growing video collection, which is presented anonymously and without any sound. Send your video to: Thanks!

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